Meet Ronna

Ronna Caras is a sought-after speaker and consultant who has helped thousands of contact center leaders and team members to embrace dramatic changes that improved customer experience and sales. For the last 5 years, she has been working with clients to conquer the challenges of virtual training and the challenges of working from home. She is delighted to share best practices with industry colleagues.

Caras began her career in a sales role with Pitney Bowes where she advanced from rookie to national accounts manager. Along the way, she developed her first original training program which taught a unique model for sales prospecting she called “non-intrusive”. It earned her, her sales team and her sales division a 300% increase in revenue within 90 days.

“Non-intrusive selling methodologies” have been part of Caras Training’s powerful training content for 30 years. Mapping the behavior of natural intuitive salespeople to the phone has brought corporate clients across the globe. And, molding it for the service queue has seen exponential increases in customer satisfaction and profits, concurrently for clients in more than 30 industries.

Today, Ronna Caras leads a mighty team of learning + development professionals with contact center and retail expertise. Together they develop fresh content to solve long-standing problems for companies of all sizes.